Who is American Flipping Network

American Flipping Network is an educational network of entrepreneurs and investors providing wealth building strategies and implementation services to investors and entrepreneurs. AFN continually fosters education and growth for motivated people looking to succeed personally, professionally and financially.

We exist to educate, motivate, mentor and support our members by providing an active network for Investors and professionals to exchange information, conduct business and succeed on a financial and personal level. We build successful entrepreneurs through our unparalleled success system complete with the education, tools and hands-on experience needed to attain financial freedom.

The Nation's Leading Resource for Entrepreneurs

We do not believe in get rich quick gurus or get rich programs. Financial success takes time and effort. You will find that with a little time and effort and the support of the AFN mentors, the flipping business does work.

The flipping business is the surest and safest road to financial freedom whether you are flipping furniture or flipping real estate. Your sincere motivation will produce success in the flipping business.

We have worked with and mentored people from those who did not finish high school - all the way to individuals who have completed doctorate degrees. The attribute that all members of AFN have in common is the desire to move beyond their current existence and to enjoy the freedom that a successful flipping business allows.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs with education, tools and hands-on experiences to attain financial freedom. All our efforts, products and services are designed to accomplish the mission of the company.

First, People come first and success will follow. Second, investing is a step-by-step process based on patience and endeavoring to become better. Third, high standards of ethics and professionalism should be reflected in Flipping transactions. There are always two parties, treat each with respect and honesty. Fourth, educationā€™s purpose is action; inaction is the crutch of failure.

Lastly, Flippers must maintain a positive outlook and a winning attitude in endeavoring to not only make money in the Flipping Business but in solving others problems in the process.

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