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Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro you probably realize the most important factor that will determine your success in the flipping industry is your ability to not only find good deals but the ability to fund your investments. Today’s economic future is uncertain and it’s time we come together, understand what’s going on, learn the new rules of investing for success, and get back on track to financial freedom and achieving our dreams - which for most of us includes helping our families while helping others and making a difference. American Flipping Network offers workshops that take place each month at a variety of locations.

If you would like to network with a dynamic group of like-minded people who want to succeed in creating wealth through the Flipping & Real Estate Investing Industry then you will want to attend one of our Networking workshops. We help our members achieve their financial and personal goals through Networking, Education, Mentoring and Special Events.

American Flipping Network has members throughout the United States and Canada. If you are looking for real education and networking opportunities with like minded people then the American Flipping Network is for you!

Great Leadership

Receive guidance, training, and support from industry-leading professionals.

Fun Networking

Spend quality time and have fun with
others who care about your success!

Events That Matter

Weekly & monthly live workshops, online education to help you grow your business!

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What to Expect at the Workshop

American Flipping Network offers workshops that can take place at a variety of different times and locations. Many of our workshops take place in restaurant, hotel meeting rooms or other public places where such gatherings are held. Evenings and weekends are the most common time frames for AFN workshops and events. American Flipping Network workshops can last anywhere from 90 minutes up to several hours.

The typical AFN workshop agenda includes the following segments:

  • People meet for a few minutes before the workshop to network and/or talk with other entrepreneurs, sponsors and vendors.
  • American Flipping Network staff and professionals will also be available for you to ask questions and network with.
  • At a designated time, the speaker will introduce themselves and make announcements.
  • A presentation or open discussion usually takes place as the focal point of the workshop. This can be an outside speaker or a member of American Flipping Network. Frequently, there will be a short question-and-answer segment with the speaker, depending on the time available.

Training topics are directed toward the Flipping and real estate investing industry. Common topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Starting a business for beginners
  • Selling Online
  • Real Estate Investing Strategies
  • Starting a Side Hustle
  • Marketing Strategies
  • How to Fund your business
  • Investment Strategies

After the official workshop ends, most attendees find this a great time to network with others. This time to mingle is conducive to one-on-one conversations as attendees are usually a bit more relaxed and open to learning more. Some refer to this as the “meeting-after-the-meeting.” Important connections are often made and even business transactions can take place during this time.

Sometimes food and beverages are provided and many times they are complementary. Frequently, American Flipping Network members & workshop attendees will meet at a local restaurant for the “After Workshop Gathering” to network and socialize with other link minded people who have to same goal of financial freedom.

Frequently the Founders, Speakers and mentors of American Flipping Network attend the after workshop gathering to give members a chance to get to know them and network.

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